ClickCease Notice to Owner in Florida


The information on this webpage is NOT the same as legal advice. SunRay Construction Solutions, LLC is not an attorney or a law firm. We recommend that you consult with an attorney. SunRay’s research services will include the following: Forwarding your lien processing request to a Licensed attorney* Researching the property owner and the property description Recording the lien with the County Recorder Mailing the filed lien as instructed by attorney* Retaining records of all notices and liens on our database for easy future access.

SunRay Constructions Solutions, LLC ("SunRay") are not attorneys. We do not provide legal advice or legal services. Our services are limited to property research, (Notice to Owner/Notice to Contractor), and property research and recording. The preparation of a claim of lien should be reviewed by an attorney.

If you do not have an attorney, SunRay will submit your request for a claim to an attorney to prepare your claim of lien. The attorney who prepares your lien will be hired by you for the limited purpose of preparing your claim of lien, and all legal fees for such preparation will be paid directly to the attorney for commercial and development liens. We forward your request to Steven Fine, P.A.

If you want to request a claim of lien, please complete the attached Lien Request Processing Form and return it to SunRay with two checks. One check made payable to SunRay Construction Solutions, LLC and one check made out to Steven Fine, P.A. (or complete the credit card portion on the Lien Request Processing Form on page 2. $285.00 to SunRay (subject to change based on actual recording fees), plus a check for $40.00 payable to Steven Fine. P.A.). If you choose to have your attorney prepare the claim of lien, then the fee of $285.00 is for the property research and recording.

WARNING: Your Construction Lien Request should be submitted at least 10 business days prior to the 90th day. No request will be processed if received by SunRay less than 48 hours before the 90th day. 

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